Day 1

Thanks to all who sent me an email over the past day or two!  I am just reading them now after completing Day 1 of the Sahara Race. I wish I could have printed up my last blog post and read it to myself right before the race because I went out a bit too fast and am worried I am going to pay for it later on in the week.  I finished in 2nd place, 11 minutes off of the leader, but to say today was easy would be absurd.  In fact, this is by far the hardest run I have ever done.  We don’t have an exact temperature but most in camp think it was around 100 Fahrenheit.  My concern is that I struggled the second half of the race.  After the second check point I was only 4 minutes off of the leader but lost 7 minutes on him over the second race.   He seems to be a machine.  My strategy for tomorrow is to start slower and try to be more consistent with my pace.  If I lose a few spots but conserve some energy, it will be a welcome trade off as all I can think about is Day 5. How the hell I’m going to run 59 miles is beyond me.  Right now, we are camped out in the middle of the desert.  Even with the tents, there is no escape from the relentless heat. I would guess even the tents have to be 80 or 85 degrees.  My tentmates are a great group and I have enjoyed hearing the slang words they use for daily activities.  I also feel like a cow in the zoo as I have 5 flies on my dirty body at all times.
Sorry this blog is so short but I am exhausted, sweating profusely, and its really hard to type on this computer. I promise to write more tomorrow.  Thanks for all of your support and keep the messages coming!  They will keep me in good spirits for tomorrow, which is supposed to be twice as hard as today!


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